Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend of fun and activities.

We started off the Easter festivities with a little egg dyeing earlier in the week.  Madeline got really into it!

 On Saturday, after soccer, we were able to make it over to the Solana Beach Easter Egg hunt.
Madeline loved the jumpy castle, Olivia got her first taste of being inside with the big kids!
Getting ready for the hunt.
Unfortunately, the big blue Easter Bunny decided to settle in the middle of the 2-4 year old's section.  Madeline still has her fear of costumed people, so this didn't go over so well.  She did end up with a few eggs after daddy helped her some.  They each got to pick out one prize, so playing with their new toys gave them both something to look forward to.
The girls and daddy went for a Saturday afternoon dip in the hot tub.
This one loves getting her swimsuit on! "Twimming, twimming!!"
Madeline chose a goggle and snorkel set from the egg hunt, so wanted to give them a try.
Daddy had to pull out his goggle and snorkel to show Madeline how it is done.  You can see Olivia cracking up in the corner!
This one loves the water!
Madeline decided that she needed to write the Easter Bunny a letter and draw him a picture.  Any other night, I would have thought this was a great bedtime stall tactic, however, she was very concerned about getting to bed early and going to sleep so that the bunny could come.  She said she was ready for bed at 6:45!

The cute finished product!
Checking out their filled baskets!
They were met with approval!
 The Easter Bunny did hide eggs and they both were super into finding them scattered around the yard!
Love this action shot!
Easter cuties!
Checking out what the bunny had hidden in the eggs.
Love these girls!  They are getting so big!

Brunch at the cousins' house and the big girl table.
Car ride home--the sign of a successful party!
Reading cards from the grandparents!  Thanks to both sets of Grandparents for spoiling them!
The end of the day.  We heard a clomp, clomp, clomp in the hallway.  She gave us a great ending to a great day!

 Happy Easter all!!


Madeline has been doing soccer this spring and has really enjoyed it.  Yesterday was her last day, as we are going to miss the next few weekends.  I'm sure we'll sign her up again as she had a blast and really enjoyed learning all the skills!
Won't be long until this one starts begging to join soccer, too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flower Fields

Last year we went to the Flower Fields with the Mesics while the girls and I had just moved out to San Diego and were waiting for Brian to arrive with the moving van.  The Flower Fields are right next to the main Costco that we go to, and of course, Madeline has been anxious to visit again this spring.

We decided to head there this weekend, as time is running out...  We weren't our most photogenic selves that day, but here are a few pics that chronicle the Flower Fields...

Take time to smell the flowers!
I think this is my favorite photo of the day.
She was so interested in watching the tractors go by
This fuzzy caterpillar brought out a bunch of giggles from one of the girls
Being silly in the sweet pea maze
I think the reason that Madeline really wanted to go back to the Flower Fields is because they have a playground with a bunch of whimsical mushrooms and small playhouses.  They had a good time!


...and now the photo dump for April.  I'm hoping that once I catch back up I can get back to regularly posting some pictures!  It makes it so much easier and let you see how much they are changing!

Cousins in the sand.  The girls spend hours playing in their sand table.  I think every entire inch of our backyard has sand sprinkled over it!
This is why it seems we are constantly sweeping the tile inside!
Big girl!  One of my super sweet co-workers brought this cute dress for her!
Cheese!  All ready for a day of school!
Olivia went through a phase where she didn't like the swings.  She is back to enjoying them now!
Riding double on the playground horses.
The girls posing in their new dresses Mommy brought back from Singapore.
We had to take a picture of these cute gumdrops I brought back from Singapore for the girls.  They loved them!  What's not to love, candy decorated super cute!  And they are small, so I don't feel too guilty letting them eat them!
This was a recent laundry line-up!  Madeline is so hard on her clothes and I think just about every pair of pants, leggings or tights she owns has a hold in the right knee--not the left knee, only the right.  When I commented to her that she must be playing hard, she replied, "I don't play hard, I just run fast!"  Can't argue with that!
As Brian says, this photo has 'Del Mar bag lady' written all over it!  She loves loading up everything she can in the stroller and the bags and walking around the island in the kitchen!
Madeline gets a hair trim!
Our first family movie night.
The popcorn was a huge hit!
You can see they are entranced by the movie!