Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We took Madeline around the block to let her have the whole Trick-or-Treat experience.  She understood it much better than last year and didn't require prompting to say "thank you."  She was a bit intimidated by the other kids with painted faces and masks and wouldn't go up to one house that was playing music and all decked out in Halloween style. 

Madeline and the neighbor girls
Dad's fabulous pumpkin
So happy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

4 Month Checkup

Olivia had her 4 month doctor visit today complete with immunizations.  It was a bit of a rough day, as she was already a bit under the weather with a cold.  She hasn't been a very happy camper tonight :(

Her stats:
  • Height: 24.75in (68%)
  • Weight: 14lb 6oz (66%)
  • FOC: 16.75in (75-90%)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Fun

We've had a big weekend, taking advantage of all the fun Halloween activities.

Here is our friendly, nice witch and her black cat.

On Saturday morning, we ventured out to the Houston ArBOOretum.  It was set up really nice, with educational stops about animals with activity stations.  Madeline had a ton of fun exploring everything.
Fishing for Texas species
Climbing through the wolf spider tunnel
Catching her insects in the lizard challenge
Playing ballerina witch on the boardwalk
Gliding like a flying squirrel
All aboard the choo-choo!
There was a decorate-a-pumpkin station where she let her creativity flow (with a bit of help from dad)
The perfect pumpkin
Artist hard at work
Her signature on the back
Posing with her final masterpiece
Picture perfect day!
Today, we ventured out to Zoo Boo, and it turned out to be a beautiful day.
Silly sisters

Madeline witch and the bongos

Feeding the giraffes
Giving the goats a little TLC
Adding her touch to the mural
We finished the weekend with a little pumpkin carving.
"Look, seeds for roasting"

As it turns out, pumpkin may have been my first food!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Olivia's 4 Month Post

Little girl is 4 months old today and brings us so much joy!

4 months old!
Some of her favorite pastimes include:

Keeping an eye on the kitty
Staring at and talking to her hands
Smiling at that baby in the mirror
When you stand her in front of the mirror she always gives this huge open-mouthed grin
Conversations with big sister
And, tea parties with big sister.  Notice the huge feast that Madeline has prepared for Olivia
Post-daycare evening snoozes
 And, for firsts this month, we have...

First day of daycare

First pumpkin patch
 And new developments...
Being able to manipulate toys to get them to her mouth
 ...finding and grabbing her feet
....lots and lots of cooing
An interest in toys (and on a side note, she's starting to lose her Einstein hairdo)
Learning you can interact with toys
 I still need to schedule her 4 month check-up and will be very interested in her stats.  I know she is much bigger than Madeline was at this age!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Austin weekend

We spent last weekend in Austin enjoying the fall weather.  It was a combined weekend getaway, cycling trip and business trip, all in one.

We spent Saturday exploring Zilker Nature Preserve which was really cool.  Madeline had fun exploring the grounds and digging for dinosaur bones.

 They had these great big sand boxes where you could dig for dinosaur bones.  Madeline loved trying out all the different types of shovels.

 Olivia shows off her new bubble blowing skills

 Madeline shows off her bat pose in front of the bat mosaic
 Playing at the playground on the antique firetruck
Austin has a huge food truck scene, so we ventured out to the trucks for lunch.  So many choices, everyone was happy.
 I bet you'll never guess which truck was Madeline's favorite!
Daddy rode in the LiveStrong ride on Sun.  Madeline was excited to watch for him at the finish and cheer as he crossed the finish line
 Olivia was happy to sit and watch the trees sway in the wind
The post-ride activities included a kid zone complete with jumping castles, so of course, the big girl had a ton of fun.
She discovered that evening that she had her first "chain bite" on her leg from helping daddy with his bike.  She thought this was super cool!
  Madeline, Olivia and daddy had to occupy themselves on Monday while mommy went to some work appointments.  Madeline passed her time posing for the camera...

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing some areas of Austin that we had yet to explore.