Sunday, December 14, 2014

What a HUGE weekend!!

We've had a super busy and super fun weekend!

We started off yesterday by going to pick out our Christmas tree.  We went to a nursery and had a super visit which was enough to land us the perfect tree.
This is the one!!
I think she looks so grown-up in this picture!
 Here's what was on the agenda for today....
We went to the Helen Woodward Frost Animal event and it was great!  The girls had a blast, even without the big surprise at the end.  We did indeed get to meet Santa Claus and his mini "reindeer" Fable.  Madeline was happy to pose for her picture.  Olivia needed a bit of mommy courage, but we did get a smile!
 The girls were able to do all sorts of arts and crafts which they both really enjoy. 
Olivia shows off her candy cane reindeer
Madeline poses with Frosty and her reindeer
They each decorate their own cookie, which then lasted less than a minute before being consumed!
Olivia approves of her cookie.  I mean, what could be bad about a ton of frosting and sprinkles!
"My hands are NOT sticky!"
Holding very still for "Frozen" snowflakes
 They each made a snowy owl pinecone ornament which was very cute!
Olivia shows off her snowman hand painting, puppy from Santa and her snowy owl all at once.
Mmmm, what winter festival would be complete without some hot cocoa? for the biggest part of the day.  The girls have been asking about a puppy for quite some time.  We have been discussing getting one around Christmas and Brian and I even went to look at a few this week.  Madeline devised a story completely on her own without any suggestive input from us that Santa is unable to bring real live puppies for Christmas because they would poop and pee in the sleigh and make a mess.  Makes considering an early puppy a bit easier!  We decided to take a peek at some of the dogs up for adoption, knowing full well that taking two little girls and one softie daddy into "just look" at the dogs means we likely won't be leaving empty handed.  We had the opportunity to meet 3 dogs, all puppies of various ages.  We all fell in love with little "Celebration."  He was listed as a mini-Pincher mix, but we think he likely has some chihuahua or terrier mixed in, too.  He is ~5-6 mo old and a sweet mellow little guy.  He was happy to chase the girls around the play-yard and was super content being held, cuddled and walked by two little girls.
The girls are super excited when we tell them we will fill out the paperwork to take him home.  Madeline was very concerned that he would be sad when we walked away and kept telling him, "Its OK, we'll be back for you!"  Hence, she would not look at the camera.
The ladies working the event were super excited to see us walk out with a puppy and offered to take a family photo of us with Santa.  So, here we are, a new happy family of 5!
Posing with Santa
The girls of course, were very accommodating and just wanted to love and play with him all afternoon.  I told them he was likely tired after a full day of being adopted and meeting his new family, so they decided they would "help" him take a nap.  He has been really liking the crate and the girls set up camp next to him.
Reading to him a book about Cheetahs.
Maybe singing to him will help him take a nap...

The evening was filled with fun while we got the tree decorated.

"Celebration" decides to join in the fun
"Look at my tattoo"
Listening to see if the ornament still plays its music.
 This year Olivia got to do the honors of putting the snowman on the top. We prepared her for the job and she was ready to roll...

Madeline got the honors of turning the Christmas train on for the first time.

It's a go!
We then enjoyed trying to get some cute shots of the girls and the puppy.  Followed by our tradition of cocoa and treats next to the tree.
"All gone!"  Nevermind that more than half was spilled down her face and shirt.  I think she was trying to slurp out the marshmallows!

We're having a major debate on name.  Brian and I are not sold on "Celebration."  Its a long name and doesn't seem quite fitting for him.  We really like Sneaky, as Olivia has been saying for nearly a month that she would name a new puppy Sneaky.  And he has cute little white paws that look just like little sneakers-perfect for a dog named Sneaky. 

As you can see, Brian and I have a tough fight ahead!  Either way, we are super excited to welcome a new little ball of fun to the house!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dinner Conversation

We learned a lot this evening from our little conversationalist...

Don't believe me...check it out for yourself.

Our summary of the evening:
Santa wears gloves, that's weird!
Our elf drinks soda, that's weird, too!
Santa is afraid of monsters.
If we had a bunny its name would be Barky and if we had a dog its name would be Sneaky.
We have a big girl, not a baby!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Big day today...

Olivia got her first official haircut and Madeline now has a short bob. 

Madeline's 'before' photo
After a few initial tears, Olivia did great!

Here comes the big transformation...

The big cut...
Three 10" ponytails to donate to Pantene

Madeline's cute new 'do'
Celebrating with post-haircut ice cream

Ready to place in the mail.
I'm so proud of my big girl for deciding to do this.  When we were talking about it and I was making sure she was ok, I said, "Once its cut, you can't put it back on," she replied, "I know mom, it will grow back."

I'm getting used to her new look and she loves it!  I think it will make the mornings less painful with no more tangles!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


What a fun Halloween we had.  It started the night before with pumpkin carving.  The girls were both really sad when the discovered that Bryant had forgotten his painted pumpkin.  Never fear, we turned it into a happy jack-o-lantern so it wouldn't be left out of the festivities!

Madeline had a half day at school and I took the day off so I could enjoy the parades and parties in each girls' class.

We finished the day off with trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and this year ventured over to the "big kid" side of the neighborhood.  Boy was it a party!  Madeline saw many of her classmates and ended up spending the evening with her fellow pirate mate, David. 

Laughing at the neighborhood kids
Cob web limbo
Checking their loot!