Friday, July 27, 2012

One month old!

Little Miss Olivia is 1 month old today!!

One month milestones:
  • First bath
  • She is such a great sleeper.  She's slept through the night 3 times!!
  • Her favorite place is on the changing pad we have set up next to the big mirror in our bathroom.  She loves staring at the baby in the mirror. 
  • She's a great smiler, but I still can't tell if they are voluntary or not.  She gives tons of smiles when she's dozing off and then continues to smile in her sleep-I've even heard her giggle twice.  I sure wish I knew what babies dream about!
  •  She's growing like a champ
    • Birth weight on 6/27/12: 8lbs 2 oz
    • Weight at 2 week checkup om 7/11/12: 8lbs 7oz
    • Weight at 3 weeks on 7/19/12: 9lbs 5 oz
    • Weight at 4 weeks on 7/26/12: 9lbs 10oz
  • She has totally captured the hearts of her mommy, daddy and big sister!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More pics of our little peanut

We were so happy to have Grandma here for her stay, but the time came and we had to say goodbye.  Here she is for one last shot with each of her little granddaughters


Here are just a few more pictures of little Olivia from our past few weeks.

 This girl sleeps like a champ!
She often gets this very stunned look, it cracks me up!

Madeline loves coming home from school and helping her sister with tummy time.  She'll run and pull out the playmat to get it all set up and will roll around with Olivia.  I'm so excited to watch these sisters grow up together!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Madeline has had quite the celebration of her 3rd Birthday!  This lucky girl was able to spread the festivities out over a week!  It all started last week when we had a celebration while Grandma was still here. 

This was followed by a little party with two of her friends.  The kiddos ran around inside and ate cake.  When asked what flavor of cake she wanted, "Pink" was the answer I received.  Big surprise there!! :)  We ended up having a pink butterfly cake which she thoroughly enjoyed!

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On her actual Birthday, they had a little party at school with cupcakes.  We let her celebrate by choosing where to eat dinner, and of course, very predictable, she chose Chik-Fil-A.  We came home and celebrated via Skype with Grandma and Grandpa James

Trying out her new Legos with daddy
"Can we eat cupcakes now?"
So shy when we sung "Happy Birthday!"
Make a wish!
Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful, spunky, smart and witty 3 year old daughter!!  I love you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Olivia Claire joined our family at 8:10AM on Wednesday June 27, arriving promptly on her due date!

Welcome to the world sweet baby!
A very proud daddy!
She weighed larger than anticipated at a healthy 8lbs2oz
She measured a perfect 20" in length

Scrub, scrub, scrub
Making a big entrance into the world wears a little one out!
First photo of our family of four!
Madeline opens her Big Sister T-Shirt from Olivia at the hospital
Grandma and Grandpa meet Olivia
Olivia receives a welcome gift from Madeline!
Such an excited and proud big sister
The hospital delivers cakes to congratulate the siblings on the arrival of their baby.  Madeline was super excited!
Not so happy to be heading home.
Mommy, on the other hand, was ecstatic to be leaving the hospital.
All buckled in and ready to roll!
"Welcome home, Olivia!"
Sisters in their matching owl shirts.  "Night owl" for Olivia and "Big Sister Owl" for Madeline
Unfortunately, after we got Olivia home, she struggled with jaundice.  This is how she spent her first couple of days at home
The upside of jaundice was that we needed to supplement her feedings with formula, which meant that Madeline got to give her a bottle.  Check out that big sister smile!!
Grandpa and Grandma with their two grand girls!
She gives the best baby smiles when she's falling asleep!
Madeline saying good-bye to Grandpa
Madeline overseeing Olivia's light therapy.
Play time on the special dinosaur quilt that Grandma made.
Olivia during her newborn photo shoot.  You can check out a sneak peak at:
Getting ready for her first bath
It started out okay....
...but she quickly decided that this wasn't a good idea!

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly 3 weeks since Olivia joined us.  She's been a great baby, eats well, sleeps well and is very mild mannered.  Madeline is a great big sister and loves her baby very much!  We couldn't be happier!