Saturday, April 27, 2013

10 Months Old

Olivia is a 10-monther today

Yay! So happy to be 10-months old!

 Here is what she's been up to this month...
She loves the water as much as her sister does!

First carnival

First fat lip :(
Yes, I have a fat lip, but you should see the other baby!
She knows right where the toy bins are
Checking on Cooper outside

She'll push her toys or chairs all around the tile and hardwoods

She loves being outside

She can now clap and do high-fives

I love to eat and feeding myself is the best.  Did I make a mess?

Such a happy girl!
She eats like a champ and loves everything she tries.  We've yet to find something she won't eat.  She's super content and loves being with people.  She chattering more and more and is such a joy!!

Misc. Pics

The girls had their spring fling carnival a few weekends ago.  They enjoyed all sorts of fun and games.

 Madeline's friend Theron was in town so we met them for a park playdate and some lunch.
 Knowing we'll be moving soon and it will be unlikely that we will have a pool, we've been taking full advantage of the spring weather.

Madeline demonstrating her 'silly jump'

 We had our annual crawfish boil and Madeline was in heaven with a pool full of kids.
Madeline and Sophia taking a watermelon break

Olivia enjoying some Irma snuggles.

Haven't you heard that mashed potatoes are the new mousse?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Handl were here for a visit.  I did a terrible job chronicling thier trip, but did get a few pics on one of their last days here.

Madeline and Grandpa worked extremely hard to get the kite in the air on a blustery day

Their persistence paid off!

A very belated Easter post

We've been super crazy lately, getting ready for the move, tons of work travel, etc.  So, I'm way behind on blog posts.  We'll go all the way back to Easter because the girls were just too cute in their dresses to skip sharing some pictures!

The inagural swim of the summer