Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our weekend

Here's just a few pictures from our weekend.

It all started on Friday with a trip to Target to pick out a new potty. We've been working on potty training with Madeline for a few weeks and I was thinking she wasn't too fond of the potty we had bought for her. We thought maybe if she was included in the process of picking the potty things might go a bit better. It was off to a good start as she exclaimed, "Potty, potty, new potty" as we walked down the Target aisles to the checkout counter. We heard the same chime all the way home. I feel a bit silly posting about her new potty, but we couldn't get over her excitement. Here is her reaction when we finally got the new potty home:

We couldn't stop laughing at her excitement over the new potty. If you listen closely, you can hear her say, "Awesome" (a word she has picked up from daycare) twice as she inspects the new potty, around 1:02 and 1:12 in the video. I'd say our plan worked pretty well, as she used the potty a number of times this weekend and we had at least one tantrum because she didn't want to get off the potty!

Saturday afternoon Madeline had a lot of fun when her little friend Sophie came over for a play/swim date.
Snack time post swim:

They had so much fun doing chalk drawings and 'painting' on the porch:

Sunday brought a fun (but hot!) trip to the farmer's market and splash park at downtown Discovery Green park

All this made for one tired tot! Notice the large collection of 'babies' that she now sleeps with. After we put her down for the night, she spends about 30min taking care of her babies-talking to them, playing music for them and patting them to sleep. I like how she arranges them all in a row next to her, face down of course!

A late Memorial Day post

I've been pretty bad at taking pictures and posting lately! Grandma and Grandpa James were out for a visit over Memorial Day and I hardly have any shots to document their visit. We had a great weekend filled with lots of fun. We visited the zoo, took them to the Children's Museum, had some good meals and most of all, enjoyed lots of time together.

Fun at the Children's Museum

Visiting the goats at the zoo

I think the homemade Mango sherbet was Madeline's highlight of the weekend!

Thanks for the visit, Grandma and Grandpa! Next time mommy promises to take more pictures!