Thursday, May 31, 2012

What have we been up to??

It has been a long time since I posted, so i figured I better catch up and get some photos posted.  We've had a fun and busy spring...

We planted a garden.  Every day when we water it, Madeline explains, "It grew!"  It is going to be hard convincing her not to pull the carrots until they are ready!

She's enjoyed dining in the company of her babies lately.  They each need their own bowl of cereal for breakfast!

Her school had their annual Spring Fling fundraiser with all sorts of fun activities...
Trying on the fire hat
Sitting in the fire truck
Riding on Thomas the Train

...and her favorite, the ponies!

She still loves her 'big girl bed' and often has a friend sharing it with her
Cute pigtail day
Bad hair day

Posing like the statue in downtown Houston
Brian and Madeline took me out to brunch for Mother's Day
My beautiful little daughter

 Madeline got to go in her first ride in Daddy's "baby car."  (Disclaimer...don't worry, due to the lack of carseat, it was just around the block)

Fun times at the zoo
Playing with the rhinos

She's discovered the fish tunnel and absolutely loves it!
In order to transfer the rocking chair out of her room into the baby's room, she got to pick a new seating piece for her room.  No shock, but she picked a bright pink couch.  It looks super cute in her room and she absolutely loves it!

We walked in the Angelman Walk in honor of cousin Ryan.  Madeline had a lot of fun, especially since they had a firetruck and hotdogs at the end of the walk!

I have no idea what this was all about, but she cracked us up introducing herself and her art. 
"My name is Madeline and I'm going to draw a bird"