Monday, May 27, 2013

Guess who's 11 months old.....

...our little 'Livy Loo!

So here are a few of the things she has been up to during this busy month full of lots of changes for us all...
She is super curious and loves to watch Madeline
She points at things now, which is a lot of fun

Experienced her first flower field adventure

Became a California girl with her first big move cross country

Had a lot of fun unpacking boxes and finding the toys inside
Did her first Angelman's walk with cousin Ryan

She puts everything in her mouth!  We didn't experience this with Madeline and it seems that I am constantly fishing things out of her mouth....and she has discovered biting.
First trip to the beach
Baby yoga!
She now has 7 teeth, with another on the way.
She is cruising around things quite well, but still working up the courage to let go.
One of her favorite games is to push one of Madeline's chairs around the condo...she is loving the no carpet thing!
She is saying 'Maaamaaa' and 'Dada,' but we still aren't sure she is actually referring to us.
She started in a new daycare and has done fairly well with the transition....and she actually naps there, which is great.
She can now wave hello and goodbye, she will give high-five, and Brian has gotten the most enthusiastic greeting home the past few nights.
She is a master at maneuvering stairs and bolts toward them when given a chance.
She is a chow hound and loves feeding herself.  We have still not found a food she does not like!  They are amazed at daycare how she will shove a whole handful of Cheerios into her mouth!

I can't believe my baby will turn one next month!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carlsbad Flower Fields

We arrived in sunny CA a few days ahead of daddy.  On Thur we met Liz and her boys at the Carlsbad Flower Fields for a fun outing.  It was so much fun when she called up and said they were heading there for the day and we were able to meet up with them in under an hour.  It will be nice living close to them again.

Madeline had a great time running around with Joey and Daniel and Olivia and Matthew were content just hanging in their strollers.  We appaerently missed the peak of the flower season, so it must be pretty spectacular, because we were pretty amazed with all the flowers we saw.

Moving Day

May 7 was the big day!  The packers came and boxed up the house on the 6th and the truck arrived the morning of the 7th.  Madeline was a bit overwhelmed, but I think it was good for her to wxperience the process.  i know it has to be confusing for a 3-year old.  At least with her seeing the boxes, she didn't need to worry about what was coming to CA with us.  I think the "Mommy, will my books come with us?" "Mommy, are we taking my bed?" "Daddy, how will we fit the pool?" questions have been answered.

We've had a few tears, as there were a lot of goodbyes to be said...
Saying goodbye to the neighbors!

Goodbye to school friends
She got to bring cupcakes on her last day of school, so that made it a bit easier I think!

Olivia was glad to spend some time with Grandpa!

Truck is here!

Madeline was excited for lots of iPad time

Madeline seeing where all her stuff is going

Last weekend in Houston!

We took full advantage of some great weather for our last weekend in Houston, May 27-28.

We enjoyed one last visit to the zoo
 Madeline had trhe neighbor girls over for a pool picnic and a fun afternoon of swimming.
 And the weekend was capped by Madeline's first bowling adventure for a friend's birthday.  She had a good time and they only needed to "rescue" her ball from the lane once!