Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

The girls had a great Halloween dressed as a mermaid and an owl.  Their festivities started with a party at school and then trick-or-treating through the local shopping center, followed by trick-or-treating around the block.  Madeline completely lost all of her shyness from last year and had no problem ringing the door bells and saying "trick-or-treat."  Olivia benefited from having the older sister to follow.  I made her costume and every time I attempted to try it on her she screamed at the top of her lungs.  I was shocked when I showed up at their daycare party and she was in full costume.  She wore it for the duration of the evening and got really into the whole evening!

Whoooo's the cutest?

Pretty little mermaid
Practicing her flying abilities


Checking out the evening's loot
This is trouble

"More please!"
Happy Halloween 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we had a fun time carving our pumpkins.  I was really surprised by how excited both Madeline and Olivia were to "gut" the pumpkins.  Last year, Madeline didn't want to touch the slimy insides, but there was no holding her nor Olivia back this year.  They cleaned out all 3 pumpkins for us!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

16 Months Old!!

Capturing a still photo of 16 month old Olivia proved rather challenging today....

"Cheese"... She will now often do this when she sees the camera coming out!
Most of the photos looked like this
This is probably the best "still" shot I got of her at 16 months!
This has been a super busy and fun month...

Happy Girl!
Playing chalk
Super inquisitive!
She is always on the go!
I can make a mess and I love it!!
Birthday party fun
Children's museum fun!
Pumpkin patch fun!
Making music

This video belongs in America's most funniest...Don't worry, she was fine.  It also demonstrates the new frown that she has worked to develop this past month!

She loves her babies!

Her first cookie decorating experience.  It took her about 2 sec to decide that decorating them was a silly idea...why not just eat them?!


I guess she is truly becoming a Southern California girl, as this month she experienced her first trip to SeaWorld and her first trip to DisneyLand!!
Excited for the day ahead!
Ready for Disney
She loves music and loves to dance and shown in this movie taken today.  She had to create her own stage!

  • Her language continues to develop in leaps in bounds.  New words this month include please, car, hi, bye, bumblebee, up.  
  • She will baa like a sheep, woof like a dog and hiss like a snake.  
  • She can point to her head, toes, tummy, eyes, nose and probably some others.  
  • She loves singing "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee" and is starting to love "ABCs."  
  • She had a pretty rough time with her 15 month shots and then followed those up with a cold, but I think we now have our happy energetic little girl back!


We lucked out and received an invitation to Disneyland last weekend.  Who would consider passing up a free trip to the happiest place on earth??  We had a fun day and stayed until nearly 8PM, way past the girls' bedtime, but they had a great time.

The whole crew ready for the day
Madeline's favorite...It's a Small World
Olivia enjoyed it, too
"Look, Mom, purple hippos!"

Olivia loved the slide the first time...the second time, not so much!
Madeline tries the zip line
Driving already..she really enjoyed Autopia
Madeline and Matthew exploring
I think this happy face is because the ride is over!
Nightcap on Main Street