Sunday, June 29, 2014

Olivia's Birthday Weekend

Our little girl turned two on Friday--my how time flies.  We had a great weekend filled with celebrating this little one that we love so much! 

Kitchen helpers enjoyed helping make the pineapple cake

Friday evening, we had a small family party to celebrate her actual Birthday. 

 She went for the tall box first, which contained her scooter.  This led to a major meltdown when tried to get her to open the other gifts or eat cake.  The only thing she wanted was "SCOOTER, SCOOTER!"
We eventually were able to get her to forget the scooter for a bit and enjoy some cake.  I was able to give the sandcastle decorating a test run with a few cupcakes before the actual party on Sunday.

Sandcastle cupcakes!
She had no problems blowing out her candles.
Make a wish!
After cake she was ready to take a peek in the rest of the packages
Loved her new dolly!
Didn't want to put down her legos!
 We enjoyed lots of outside time trying out the new scooter and showing our skills.  It didn't take her long to get the hang of the scooter.  She'll be zipping around the block in short order!
Madeline demonstrating how proficient she has become on her skates!

Taking the scooter for a test ride

Time for the bike!

She wanted to zip down the hill rather than ride around the cul-de-sac!
Sun afternoon we had a small party with a few friends and cousins.  We celebrated with a luau themed beach party.  She had a great time and loved her cake!
Wow, I love sandcastles!
Super happy to pose with her cake!
Momma and her girls!
I love this picture of her!
Oh no! Don't lick the cake! We stopped her just in time!
Fruit anyone?!  Olivia kept saying "He bite you, biting hurts!"
Hula Girl#1
Hula Girl #2
Enjoying lunch!
The whole crew: Matthew, Joey, Sarah, Madeline, Ryan, Olivia, Cheyenne and Danny!  The boys totally rocked the Hawaiian shirts!
She approved of the cake!

The bubble puppy from her cousins was a big hit!
Big girl cousins enjoyed a summer dip!

We had great fun and it was so much fun to have friends and family help us celebrate her big day!  I can't believe she's Two!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pre-K Graduation

Today was Madeline's Pre-K graduation ceremony.  She has been so excited about this ever since they started practicing last month.  She worked diligently to learn all the songs and wanted to sing them all the time.  It was fun watching her have her chance to shine and belt out the words and dance along.  The look of accomplishment in her eyes when she received her diploma was priceless!  You could see how proud she was.  I know this is just a small step in the education journey, but it was a lot of fun and the teachers put a lot of hard work and effort into it. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We were lucky that Grandma decided to spend a long weekend with us while Grandpa was away in Alaska.  It just so happened that it was her Birthday and Father's Day, too!

We enjoyed a trip to the San Diego Fair

Olivia loves the animals!
Feeding the sheep and goats.
Watching the cows with Grandma

Grining girl on the pony

Madeline has decided she loves roller coasters!  She went on this one alone the following weekend when we went back to the fair!

Madeline's first Ferris Wheel ride, with the Del Mar Beach and ocean in the background.
Olivia gets a tasty corndog.
Grandma gets a HUGE corndog!

Mommy and Grandma went shopping and found some cute outfits for the girls
Happy Birthday Grandma!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!