Monday, June 29, 2015

A 3-Year Old's Birthday Celebration Weekend

This weekend we got to celebrate our spunky little Olivia's 3rd Birthday.

In order to truly capture her silly personality, here is a pre-Birthday interview...
She helped me bake the cake on Fri morning.  She really enjoys baking - or maybe it is just licking the chocolate beaters at the end! 
On Birthday morning, she got to make a special run with Daddy to the donut shop to pick out Birthday donuts for the family.

So happy listening to Grandma and Grandpa Handl sing Happy Birthday
Telling Grandma and Grandpa that she's turning 3!

She got quite spoiled with some fun gifts from friends and family

"It's Beautiful" she says as she watches the ballerina dance!

A new fancy dress!  She loves her dresses!

Excited for a new purple sweatshirt!

Her request was a chocolate ice cream cake with purple and pink sprinkles and mermaids.  I think I was able to accomplish it!

On Sunday, we continued the festivities with a visit to the fair.

Waiting for the pony rides
All smiles from Madeline.  As much as Olivia talked about wanting to ride the ponies, once she got to the front of the line she changed her mind and was determined not to get near the pony. 
Time for fair food!
Can't make her smile if she doesn't want too!
Excited to ride the Thomas ride.
This was the first ride of the day and Olivia was a bit intimidated at first.  I love how Madeline is such a great big sister and put her arm around Olivia to help her feel safe.
This is the one ride they remembered from last year and they were both really looking forward to riding the canoes again.
The fun house.  Olivia thought the mirrors were hilarious.  I wish I could have bottled up her laughter!

She was beaming while driving the bus.
She gave me this great smile every time she went around!
All-in-all I think she had a fabulous Birthday weekend.  Lookout world - she's 3!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June Summer Fun!

We enjoyed a Saturday afternoon at the Fairy Festival where the girls got to play with some friends, do lots of crafts and meet some fairies.
Making a wish while blowing Fairy dust!
Lots of fairies!
Popsicles top off the day!
 Having cousins in town is a great way to finish the weekend!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

School's Out!

Wow, what a year!  We survived and thrived though the first year of school!
Woohoo!  I conquered Kinder!
She's come a long way from this picture, her first day of school!
We decided to celebrate the end of school with a quick weekend get-away to Palm Springs.  We enjoyed lots of pool time with cousins and had a relaxing weekend!  Funny though, we didn't get any pictures of us enjoying the pool, only pics in the hotel room!
Cousin screen time

Snuggles while reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Field Day

The day before the last day of school....Field Day!  It was a bit cool and overcast, but that didn't stop these Kindergarteners from getting super wet and having a blast!