Saturday, November 22, 2014


Big day today...

Olivia got her first official haircut and Madeline now has a short bob. 

Madeline's 'before' photo
After a few initial tears, Olivia did great!

Here comes the big transformation...

The big cut...
Three 10" ponytails to donate to Pantene

Madeline's cute new 'do'
Celebrating with post-haircut ice cream

Ready to place in the mail.
I'm so proud of my big girl for deciding to do this.  When we were talking about it and I was making sure she was ok, I said, "Once its cut, you can't put it back on," she replied, "I know mom, it will grow back."

I'm getting used to her new look and she loves it!  I think it will make the mornings less painful with no more tangles!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


What a fun Halloween we had.  It started the night before with pumpkin carving.  The girls were both really sad when the discovered that Bryant had forgotten his painted pumpkin.  Never fear, we turned it into a happy jack-o-lantern so it wouldn't be left out of the festivities!

Madeline had a half day at school and I took the day off so I could enjoy the parades and parties in each girls' class.

We finished the day off with trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and this year ventured over to the "big kid" side of the neighborhood.  Boy was it a party!  Madeline saw many of her classmates and ended up spending the evening with her fellow pirate mate, David. 

Laughing at the neighborhood kids
Cob web limbo
Checking their loot!

A Visit from Cousin Bryant

We had a great week last week when Bryant, Unckee-T and Auntie Meg all came for a visit.  We packed the days full of fun and play and had exhausted little ones at the end of each day.

We started off the week on a sugar high with some special treats brought back from my recent trip to HI.  How can you go wrong with cookies?!

The first major activity on the agenda was Legoland.  We decided that it might be a good year to go as Olivia and Bryant are still free but tall enough to enjoy some of the rides.

Day Two took us to the Zoo.  We had our own little monkeys and koalas who loved playing in the tree exhibits!  The aerial tram was also a big hit with the girls on this visit!

Cousin Koalas
One cutie Koala in the tree!
She cracks me up!

Silly Selfie...I love this picture!

Madeline chose to spend her money on cotton candy, which she shared with all of us!

Sticky hands just for my daddy!

Tram ride to the entrance
 Part of the fun of having company is that you get to have one more to enjoy the whole night-time routine.  Madeline remembered how they all took a bath together last year and wanted to do that again. 

Laughing at silly Aunt Megan

Bedtime stories are best when shared with all!

 We hadn't been to Powerhouse Park in Del Mar in quite some time, so it was great to use company as an excuse to get back there to watch the sunset.  Megan captured better pictures than I did and got some super cute ones, so you'll have to check out their blog.

"Come back Olivia"
I think this picture is great.  She doesn't know how much the little kids look up to her!

On Tue, we did a little activity at home.  We bought some pumpkins and poster paint and let the kids creativity shine.  They had a great time painting their pumpkins and took the task very seriously!

Every Saturday when we go to swimming we pass by the pumpkin patch and we were waiting for Bryan's visit to partake in the activities.  Madeline and Bryant had a blast on the kiddie rides!  Maybe she was just too exhausted, but Olivia didn't care for it too much.
"Not my idea of a good time!!!!"
Do you remember "A goat bit my bicycle shirt at the fair"
Eeekk, I just touched that chicken!

Wheel barrow full of cousins
Just watch out, because when the oldest freaks out it all goes downhill...

She finally rode the train at the end of the evening but insisted I hold her

On the final night of their visit, we had the fun of taking them all trick-or-treating in the nearby shopping center.  It was fun to see them all dressed up together!

The girls miss their cousin so much, but we are super glad they decided to spend their vacation with us!  Hopefully we'll see them again next year at this time :)