Friday, September 27, 2013

15 Month Olivia

She's 15 months today and I guess there are a lot of updates since it has been a whole month since my last post!

Here I am at 15 months, showing off my belly
...and she's off!

 Picture from this month:
This little bear is one of her new favorites

Excited for bath time

Boating on the bay
Sunset in Del Mar

D.J. Olivia

Running through the grass

Bath time again!

Fun at the park.  She can really make these horses gallop.

Such a big girl!

She loves taking Madeline's booster chair out of her seat and bringing it into the kitchen to use as a seat.

Tricycle ride

Yay for first trip to the dentist

Another favorite, pushing her babies in the stroller
She loves slides almost as much as swinging

Watermelon at our pool party.  The patio needed to be hosed down after this.

Pull up a chair!

First time painting at home

More paint made it onto her hands, feet and mouth than the paper

One of their new favorite games...fill the pink bucket with leaves

  • She mimics many of the words you say.  She'll try to say Madeline, and she now says baby, bubble, water (wawa), and banana (nana) pretty well. It seems like every day she is learning a new word
  • Just like Madeline did, she gets super excited when an airplane flies overhead.  She knows the sign for airplane.
  • Nothing excites her as much as seeing a dog.  She excitedly signs dog and laughs every time.
  • Her newest trick this month is raising her hand when you ask, "Is Olivia James here?"  We need to catch this on video...super cute!
  • She has moved to her 3rd (and hopefully final for a long time) home
  • She and Madeline started sharing a room.  It is fun to listen to them chattering to each other at night and in the morning.
  • She still growls herself to sleep and growls when she finds something of high interest
  • She's finally started sleeping in until 6:30, a welcome change to the 5am wake-up call of last month!