Monday, June 27, 2016

Olivia is 4!!

How can it be that my baby turned 4 today??  We had a full two days of celebrations.  She requested a rainbow princess party and I think I delivered!
We had two craft stations set up and the princesses enjoyed decorating their tiaras and creating bead jewel necklaces.  We allotted just the perfect amount of time for the 3-4 year old attention spans.
The menu included rainbow fruit and veggies, accompanied by pizza - unfortunately no rainbow pizza!
Then it was time for singing and cake.  We amazingly got all the princesses to line up for a photo!
I was super pleased with how the cake turned out - a lot of work, but it paid off and she was thrilled! 
We wrapped up the rainbow princess party with a rainbow pinata.  Successfully, there were no tears, no black eyes and everyone left with a full goody bag!
One determined princess!
 We then had some time to open the gifts that her friends brought.  She was spoiled and received so many nice things.
Today, for Birthday round #2 on her actual Birthday (according to her, yesterday we were just pretending it was her Birthday), she requested that I pick her up from school before nap time, which luckily my schedule allowed.  We went to the park of her choice for a picnic followed by afternoon swimming with daddy.
For dinner, she chose the restaurant.  Mexican where she ordered Mac & Cheese!  She then had swimming lessons and we finished off the day with family gifts and cake.
Happy Birthday Dear Olivia!!  I love your strong spirit and sensitive soul - what a perfect combination.  I'm so excited to see all the new things you will learn this year - I'm certain it will be a year full of fun and adventure!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Ski Week

This year for ski week we decided to take the girls on their first ski-venture!  We rented a cabin at Bear Mountain with some friends and enrolled the kids in lessons.  They did great!

They had a lot of fun playing in the snow patch out the back of the cabin and this rope swing was a ton of fun!

All ready to go after checking out the ski hill!

The only family shot - the girls look crazy!
Madeline carrying her gear to her lesson
Olivia insisting on using my poles

What a great trip!  They are already asking to go skiing again.  Skiing in Southern California, with its 60+ degree days was certainly a new experience, even for me!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Family Photos

We took family photos before Christmas but didn't have a change to get them all until just recently.  We were really happy with how they turned out, especially considering that Olivia started out being not in the mood for pictures!