Sunday, June 10, 2012


It was a beautiful weekend here and we decided this may be one of the last weekends we can get away before the baby arrives.  We decided to treat Madeline to a beach day and head down to Galveston for the morning.
Madeline gave this idea a thumbs up!
Madeline and daddy building sandcastles
We may not be able to build snowmen in Houston, but we can create sandmen

Madeline hugging her 'buddy'

Running through the waves
Mommy and Madeline posing with the whole sand family
Madeline with her creation of daddy, mommy, Madeline and baby 'Jimmy'
Playing in the waves
Heading home

A few other shots from the weekend:

We tried putting Madeline's hair in mini-twists after her bath.  She was super excited by her curly hair the next day!

She loves her animals!