Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 Month Olivia

Look at this cute little 6 month old!  A lot has happened this month...

Sleeping through her first Christmas tree hunt

Decorating her first Christmas tree

Visiting Santa for the first time
She still loves laundry time and rolling on the bed with big sister!

Where's Olivia!

Playing with some of her favorite toys

She's now sitting up all by herself!  She is so proud and excited, as this opens up the world for her!

Such a happy little girl!

Another Happy Gram....she now holds her bottle

Christmas stocking from her daycare teachers
My first snow!

So happy for my first Christmas!

First bites of solid food -- avocado isn't that bad!

I bet she'll be scooting about really soon.  She is rolling all around the place and taking a huge interest in toys.  She continues to find her big sister fascinating and loves to smile and lauch at her.  They are such great friends!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


A week later, I finally have gotten around to posting the picture of Santa and the girls.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Preparations

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree and got it all decorated.  We opted for a smaller tree this year, as we will be spending the majority of the Holiday in MT.  We let Madeline choose the tree and she did a great job.

Madeline having a great time searching for a tree
Olivia having a great time searching for a tree :)
This is the tree Madeline chose
So excited to be taking it home.  She got a kick out of the fact that it was tied to the car!
She had a ton of fun looking through all of the ornaments, but she wanted us to hang the ornaments on the tree
She did take the honors of placing the snowman on top!
Proud and happy!
Cookies and cocoa in front of the freshly decorated tree
"Gosh, I sure wish I could have one of those cookies!"
"Mmmm, cocoa!"
"Yeah, I really wish I was old enough for cocoa, too!"
Happy sisters
Yesterday, Madeline had a dance performance at the town center.  She was a bit overwhelmed with the craziness.  The camera was acting up, and the video looked pretty horrible, so you;ll have to take us at our word that she looked pretty cute.  It was pretty much what you would expect from ~20 three and four year olds.  A bunch of big stares, a few little dance moves and a lot of chaos!

Today, we ventured out to see Santa.  The word got out about Bass Pro, last year we had no wait for a visit with Santa, but this year, we just barely sneaked in after our 45 min wait.  We took a few pics at home before heading out and we got great smiles out of both girls!

Madeline and one of the reindeer
The long wait tired out Miss Olivia
 Our official photo with both girls and Santa won't be ready until tomorrow evening, so you'll have to stay tuned...

Such happy sisters